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Keeping My Creative Flow!

Written October 14, 2015

Fruit-For-Beautiful-Skin- As a makeup artist for over 25 years I’m often asked what inspires me as an artist to create beauty on the face. When I stop and think about it there are many things that inspire me. It’s so important to keep your creative flow as an artist. From an artist’s perspective the first thing that comes to mind is the face itself. I see each face as a canvas. I am fascinated with skin tone, facial bone structure, eye shapes and colors, and lips! It’s never boring, as each client brings beauty and variety to my work. I am a painter, a painter of faces. I love watching the transformations take place as I work on each individual!


My greatest source of inspiration, when it comes to my artistry, is anything that brings beauty into my world. I am, and have always been, keenly aware of my surroundings. My greatest love is of Mother Nature. Seeing the sun set by the ocean, the vibrant colors that reflect in the sky and on the glistening water, touches my soul. The budding flowers and their array of color popping each spring never ceases to amaze me! I love the beauty that I find when I visit a museum and see the paintings and sculptures of brilliantly talented artists! Experiencing how moved I can become from watching a performing artist on stage at the ballet, theater, or a live concert. Having all of my senses stimulated truly inspires my love for my own craft!


When I think about what inspires me from the perspective of my client’s experience, it’s the reward that I get from making people feel great about themselves! The smiles I see on people’s faces, after they see themselves transformed and in a new light, never gets old for me! I feel as uplifted as my clients! I am so privileged to play a role in some of the most important days of one’s life. Whether it’s a young girl’s prom, a woman’s wedding day, or teaching a teen how to apply makeup for the very first time in her life, these are all very special moments! This is very inspiring to me as a makeup artist! wedding-bride-white-veil-bouquet-254_t2


Another source of inspiration is the creative side of makeup artistry. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating beauty! I love looking through fashion magazines and seeing the face made up in so many beautiful and varied ways! Seeing the face in it’s most natural state in a clean beauty look, or more glamorous for a haute couture layout is equally pleasing to my eye. Seeing so many different artists express themselves using the face as their canvas is fascinating and helps get my own creative juices flowing! Experimenting with new looks and collaborating with the people I work with does this for me as well!


I’ve been in the business for decades and have seen fashion and makeup trends come and go and it’s always fun to see what’s new and exciting! As technology changes so do products. Cameras improve and the products used on the face must improve right along with that technology. Sparkle, glitter, contour techniques, and now “strobing” makes me fall in love with my craft over and over again! Constantly being challenged to stay current is inspirational and motivational to me!cosmetics-166774_640-1


Last, but certainly NOT least, what inspires me most is people. I love uplifting people. It is the favorite and most rewarding part of what I do. I meet so many people everyday and each one of my clients touches me in different ways. Working as a makeup artist in fashion, television and other mediums has allowed me to experience being part of historical events, milestones, and so many “firsts” in people’s lives. It is wonderful to have a career that I get so much inspiration and enjoyment from, as well as giving that back to others! This motivates and inspires me to be the best makeup artist that I can be!sunset-water-clouds-ocean-large034e422e74eec51ab544500c6f24d861

Attaining True Beauty

Written March 29, 2015

As a contestant and runner up in the Mrs. DC America 2014 Pageant, as well as a makeup artist/beauty expert, people look to me for tips and advice on beauty. I love helping women of all ages and ethnicities look and feel their very best. A big part of that goes way beyond makeup application!

photo_3   I remind my clients that all women are beautiful. My approach to beauty is holistic. True beauty radiates through a woman’s eyes, her smile, what she has to say, and her actions. It may sound cliche, but true beauty comes from within.

When a woman is self confident there is nothing more beautiful! As women we can tend to be our own worst critic, so how does one gain this confidence especially in our youth/beauty oriented society? I have learned to achieve this by not comparing myself to others, I just try to be the best me. Focusing on your own positive attributes, as a whole person, and taking inventory of your personal achievements, accomplishments puts things in perspective. Looking at your life’s experiences, good and bad, and what lessons you have learned helps you realize just how far you have come and the wisdom you have gained. This definitely builds self confidence!

Self acceptance and learning to love yourself, flaws and all, is the best feeling in the world! This doesn’t mean to let yourself go, on the contrary, it’s important to understand your self worth and take the time to pamper yourself and take pride in your appearance! A good and healthy balance of self care, physical fitness, and a good beauty routine is a great start!  securedownload-1

Makeup is a wonderful way to enhance one’s beauty, but I am not going to focus on makeup today in my writing. Instead I want you to think about yourself as a whole, not just the sum of your parts. Think about all the things that you can do to look and feel more beautiful. Exuding self confidence, balancing your life, taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Seeing yourself in a positive light. Doing things to feel more fulfilled, being kind to yourself and others. Letting your own light shine through your eyes, and in your smile is what makes YOU beautiful!




The Art Of Beauty!

Written January 6, 2015

I love being a makeup artist. Plain and simple. I get to meet so many fascinating people and I  work in many different mediums! Whether I am working on a fashion shoot, a television production, or a monumental occasion in a woman’s life I find it so gratifying! I love collaborating with different teams of people to come up with creative ideas and new looks, and I love to make each client look as good as they can!7228092_f520


Makeup artistry is a beautiful form of expression. Truly an art! Like a painter I use my brushes and the face is my canvas. As a child I loved to express myself artistically. I drew and painted and wrote poetry. I had lessons with an artist who taught me how to sketch and draw and, most importantly, how to pay attention to light and shadow on objects.

close-up-of-a-make-up-paletteLearning these fundamental techniques as a child has made me a better artist today. I use techniques similar to that in my makeup artistry as I highlight and contour my client’s faces, creating symmetry and balance. With color correctors I can create a flawless complexion! With different textures of concealers and foundations I can make my client’s skin texture very soft and smooth!

Fashion trends also play a role in beauty. As seasons and fashion trends change, the style of makeup goes right along with it! It is a must, as a makeup artist, to keep up with the latest fashion trends and makeup styles so that you can better serve your clients! I pay close attention to what is coming right off the runway at fashion weeks across the globe!must-have-makeup-brushes-620x400

Beauty is art as I transform my clients with my brushes and color palettes! Understanding undertones of skin, the texture of skin, what pigments will compliment hair and eye color are all part of this masterpiece that is the “makeover”! It is fun and creative and has been a wonderful part of my life for many years! Let me transform you!



The Perfect Bridal Makeup!

Written July 4, 2014

Bridal season is in full swing from May through October! June is the most popular month, but in the 27 years ( YIKES) that  have been doing bridal makeup it seems that many other months are getting just as popular! bridal-wedding-dresses-02

When it comes to the perfect bridal makeup application I feel the key is really getting to know the bride’s lifestyle, unique personality, as well as her everyday  makeup style. Having a consultation, with plenty of time ahead of the wedding date, is vital for me to have good communication. Getting to know my bridal client really allows me to serve her better.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old expression, but it really rings true when it comes to getting to know my bridal clients! I ask to see photos of everything! The gown, veil, bridal party gowns, how she wears her makeup to special events, and in her everyday life. This gives me plenty of feedback and I can create a bridal look that suits her personality, comfort level, and keep the consistency with the theme of her wedding!

There are certain guidelines that I follow when creating the perfect bridal makeup. First, and most importantly, I apply makeup that has staying power! My makeup application needs to withstand all weather conditions, as well as looking fresh all day and evening. The makeup also needs to look just as good in person as it does in photos! I do have my trade secrets, so I can’t tell all!bridal-make-up-photo

Bridal makeup needs to be very well blended, with hints of color, nothing too overpowering. I do recommend keeping it classic and not too trendy, as the bride shouldn’t “date” her wedding pics! Wedding photos are forever so the makeup should look beautiful, accentuating her natural beauty, but not be the focal point. The BRIDE needs to stand out, NOT the makeup! To achieve this look I make sure that I apply the corrective makeup and foundation to match her exact skin tone. This achieves a flawless finish. I use neutral matte shades on eyes, as matte shades look best in photography. I line the eyes well defined, but softly. I also am sure to accentuate the lashes, either with extensions or lots of mascara! Soft hues that just add a hint of color to the cheeks look best. A hint of bronzer all over the face adds a nice glow! For lips there are plenty of options! If my bride wants to focus on her lips we can use a red or burgundy, for a softer effect we can use something that is closer to her natural lip pigmentation. A hint of gloss adds a nice touch for the photos. This adds oomph and actually makes the skin look more luminous!

cd-bridal-mainWell, there you have it, the perfect bridal makeup! I love working with women on this monumental day! To me it is more than just a makeup application, it is about making my bride feel as special as the day itself! Congrats to all the beautiful brides out there!


Prom Makeup 101

Written April 16, 2014

As Spring approaches prom season is under way! A girl’s High School prom is such an exciting event and in many ways a rite of passage! For many it’s the first time they are dressing up in formal wear, riding in a limousine, and staying out until the wee hours! unnamed

A lot of planning goes into this event! Finding the right dress, shoes, and accessories is so important in pulling your whole prom look together! To complete your look it’s important to have the right hairstyle and makeup!

Prom makeup is best when it is done by a professional makeup artist. You will be taking tons of photos and will want to look great as you look back on those photos for years to come! A makeup artist will make your skin look flawless and help you choose the right makeup style to compliment the dress and hairstyle you have chosen. There are so many makeup styles to choose from today and your artist can help you decide what will look best to complete your perfect prom look!


My best advice, when it comes to prom makeup, is to wear it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. You want to look like yourself, only better. The good news is that when you are young you can experiment with the latest trends, just be sure not to over do it! Scheduling a consultation or a practice run prior to the date of your prom will ensure that you will love the makeup look!

I always feel that keeping the makeup looking fresh and youthful, using neutral tones, but adding a hint of color to accent the eyes or lips looks great! Spring 2014 has a lot of color in the makeup palettes, just be sure to keep it simple, not to overwhelm you. If you want to add color try to keep the focus on one area. You can either play up the eyes and keep the lip neutral or have subtle hint of color, or play up the lips and keep the eyes neutral. Adding a more bold liner and false lashes makes the eyes really stand out! Winged liner is a great look for this season and looks great on a young lady when it is done properly! A hot new look for eyes is to add some glitter to the lids! This is a fun way to add some glamor to your prom makeup look! Skin should look even and dewy with a soft glow of color all over. Many girls like to do a spray tan prior to a special event, just be sure to do it a day or two in advance so that it has time to fade slightly and look more natural.prom-makeup

There are so many great makeup looks today! It’s a good idea to thumb through magazines, or the internet to look at pics of models, or your favorite Hollywood starlets on the red carpet to get inspiration and ideas. All in all just have fun with your makeup and enjoy this special time in your life!

Red Carpet Makeup!

Written February 4, 2014

With the awards season in full swing I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about makeup on the red carpet! Most of us will be sitting on the couch enjoying watching the celebs walk the red carpet, as we all know the most fun part is to check out their fashions, hair and makeup styles! Even though we may or may not ever get this honor to walk the red carpet, it is always fun to duplicate our favorite red carpet looks for our own special events! Whether it is a black tie event, a wedding, whatever the occasion it is always fun to dress up and glam it up with our hair and makeup! 2014-red-carpet-make-up

In my own life I attend many events and love to take my makeup up a notch! That is always the key to great red carpet makeup! Whether it is wearing an eye popping new shadow, or a bright lip, you definitely want to change it up a bit from your everyday makeup routine!

I recommend when you have a very special event to start off a few days in advance with either a very light spray tan session or an at home self tanner. Don’t go more than a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone, so that it just gives you a hint of color and a nice glow.

redcarpetI recommend having a professional apply your makeup for a very special event, but if you decide to do it yourself, here are a few tips!

Be sure to match your foundation to your newly tan skin, or use a tinted moisturizer. Apply a  light dusting of powder to set your makeup and keep it fresh and dewy, no heavy caking. Once you set your powder you can add a hint of bronzer to your natural bone structure for that sun kissed look. At this point it is up to you what red carpet look is most appealing to you. Is it a smoky eye? The new bold shadows that are hot on this season? A red lip as your focal point, or an all over Bronze Goddess look? Do your homework and see what looks are hot each season! One thing I always recommend for your special evening out is adding false lashes. You can do a strip lash or the individuals, but it ALWAYS makes the eyes pop!

Whether you are actually on the red carpet or just painting the town red be sure to have your makeup looking just as special as that hot new outfit you plan to wear! Enjoy!

New Year New You!

Written January 5, 2014

Let me start by wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! I hope that 2014 will be a good one! Psychologically speaking it can tend to feel that the new year brings a fresh start! Many will have resolutions and set new goals for the year ahead! This is always a good thing and hopefully if you have done so you will keep them!10-new-year-greeting

A lot of people set dietary goals for themselves, hoping to shed the pounds that can be put on during holiday overindulgence or just in general. Starting a new diet and exercise program is great! Why not include taking it a step further with a new wardrobe or makeover?

As a makeup artist and beauty consultant I can steer you in the right direction to a new and improved you! Makeup lessons are a great way to learn how to update your look and learn new tricks from the experts! Updating your products, getting an assessment of what is working and what isn’t in your beauty routine is a great way to start the new year right! Getting into healthy eating habits and starting a good skincare regimen all can help you feel great from the inside out!

d1Whether you are a teen, just starting out wearing makeup, or you are desiring a new look and beauty routine I can help you achieve your new year’s resolution of looking and feeling great! I hope to hear from you with questions and/or to set up an appointment for a consultation! In the meantime all the best for the new year ahead!

Marta Bota

Holiday Glamour!

Written December 16, 2013

There is no better time of year to pull out all the stops than this time of year! With the holidays upon us there are so many social events that we attend! Office parties, family gatherings, holiday galas, cultural events, and New Year’s Eve parties! With the season well under way it gets incredibly busy, but it can be so much fun!Isadora-Winter-2012-Cream-Mousse-Eyeshadow-Model-Makeup

What can be so fun about this time of year is dressing up and taking your fashion style to the next level! Heels, sexy dresses and/or tops with a little bling adds the right touch of glamour to your evening look! When adding the extra glamour it’s important to remember to enhance your makeup as well. It’s really very simple. A little shimmer shadow or a red lip can do the trick!

There may be parties or a gala that you will attend straight from the office. A few extra touches to your daytime makeup glams it up for the perfect evening look! Adding a touch of shimmer to your eyebrow bone and center of the lid gives your eyes depth and a little extra pizazz! Applying a liquid eyeliner or liner pen really pops your eyes! This is a great time of year to have fun with false eyelashes! Using a shimmer gloss on top of paler lips is a really sexy look, when the eyes are smoky! Red lips are always sophisticated and looks great during the holiday season, especially when you may incorporate more red into your outfit! Just remember if you are doing a red lip not to go too heavy on the eyeshadow. A simple neutral eye with a heavier liner looks balanced and really chic!Hana-and-Brookell

However you decide to give your makeup a little more intensity just remember to play around and have fun with it! Thumbing through fashion magazines always helps to get great ideas for what’s hot in fashion and makeup! This is my favorite time of year, as I love the holiday season! Spending time with friends and family, reflecting on the past year, looking ahead to what’s in store in the new year AND dressing to the nines! Happy Holidays to all!

Your Essential Makeup Kit!

Written November 24, 2013

As a professional makeup artist I am obsessed with makeup! Always trying new products is essential for me to stay current in my industry. My work takes me into many environments and I do makeup for many different mediums, from fashion to television to bridal makeup, etc. With technology and cameras always being updated, makeup products need to as well. As fashion is always evolving from season to season and year to year, makeup styles come and go. It is vital for me to keep up with all of these changes and trends as they occur!Your_Name_cosmetics

For the average woman, however, this is not as important. Yes, it is important to update your looks on a somewhat regular basis and not get stuck in a time warp, but it doesn’t need to be as constant as it does for the professional artist! My recommendations, for the everyday woman, is to look through your makeup as the seasons change. Your skin tones will change throughout the year. Your needs will not be the same in the dead of winter as they will during the heat of the summer. For example, as you develop or fake a tan you will need to adjust your foundation and powder tones. You may also like a lighter weight foundation, perhaps even a tinted moisturizer. The opposite occurs as your tan fades and you are at your palest in the middle of the winter months! Your skin will also be drier from the extreme temperatures, so you will need a heavier moisturizer and may want a richer formula from your foundation coverage.

Now that we’ve established this, let’s take a look at what your essentials should be for your own “at home” makeup kit. A great makeup kit at home begins with keeping it organized! Find a designated place in your bathroom or dressing area and keep your things in that space. Be sure there is good lighting, whether near a window for natural light, or invest in a lit magnified mirror! This will make your applications much easier, as it is necessary to do your makeup properly in good lighting! Keep a drawer or makeup organizer on a counter top in that designated area. I like to have a separate caddy for my brushes, and to keep my makeup in small organizing trays within a drawer in my bathroom. This way I can keep my different types of makeup together and this cuts down on time as I apply my makeup! Having easy access to your things makes your application time much quicker! I also find that keeping eyeshadows in one palette kit and creating a lipstick tray ( as I demonstrated on my FB) makes for seeing it easily, which also cuts down on time!

Makeup-Products-3Once you find a space for your products it is a good idea to streamline (unfortunately I don’t always listen to my own advice! haha!), not only to save on space, but to keep your makeup time to a minimum. Here are some basics that you should have in your at home makeup kit! First off, to make your skin look flawless, let’s start off with the products that can create the look of flawless skin! Correctors are important. These cover up blemishes, broken capillaries, and skin discoloration. Concealers are next. These are great for covering dark circles under the eyes. Foundations go on top. These will even out skin tone and vary from the lightest to heaviest coverage. I always recommend having two shades in your kit. One, a shade or two lighter than your own skin tone, and one a shade or two darker than your skin tone that you can blend throughout the year as your tan deepens and fades. I love custom blending foundation! To set your foundation I like to use a loose translucent powder that doesn’t add any pigment to the foundation!

Once your skin is looking flawless it is time to add some color! Blush, eyeshadows and lip color is the way to go. This is where you will want to keep an eye on fashion and season trends. In the Spring and Summer colors tend to be more pastel and vibrant and in the Fall and Winter seasons the colors tend to be more deep and rich. Eyeliners are a must and are available in gel, liquid, and pencil formulations! A great mascara will complete your look!

There you have it…all the essentials for your at home makeup kit!

What Does It Mean To Be Beautiful From The Inside Out?

Written November 6, 2013

There is an old expression “beauty is skin deep”. What exactly does this mean? I am in the beauty business and I love beautiful things, all beautiful things. I love the beauty of a sunset, I love hearing a beautiful song, I love surrounding myself with beautiful decor. I am a very visual person and I love being surrounded by beauty.  I think as humans we all love and appreciate beauty. Of all the many beautiful things in this great big world there is nothing that is more captivating than a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman can make a man stop in his tracks. A beautiful woman is admired by other women and at times, unfortunately, she can bring out the “green eyed monster” in others. Beauty is a powerful thing. Of course I am speaking about physical beauty. Physical beauty catches our eye, it catches our attention, but we must remember that it is fleeting.speech_beauty_is_skin_deep_by_sakuraangeladdiction-d4t0m8q

So what does this expression “beauty is skin deep” really mean? It means that physical beauty is superficial. It means that once we get past the physical beauty on the surface there needs to be more. Being beautiful from the inside out is so much more substantial and lasting.

The things that I find beautiful in a woman are the things that most women possess. The ability to be nurturers and caregivers, for one. Women are great at multi tasking too, so often balancing many tasks and responsibilities all at once. We are strong as women, and that strength is beautiful! When we take care of all the other facets of who we are…our mental health, our physical health, our spirituality we are much more balanced and that keeps us feeling great! Feeling great from the inside out, truly helps us look and be beautiful! Having a positive outlook on things and taking life’s ups and downs in stride, by learning to be resilient is also part of what keeps us feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out. There are so many things that we can do to maintain this. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, meditation and/or prayer, taking a step back to regroup when our daily responsibilities can feel that they are taking over. Accepting the things we cannot change and understanding that we can’t control everything in our lives and that sometimes we just need to let go. inner-beauty1Aging gracefully is also part of being beautiful from the inside out, accepting that this is just a very natural part of life. That can be very difficult for women at times. Valuing yourself and all that you have to offer, these are all the things that make us beautiful from the inside out. Really feeling that, comprehending that there are so many components that make a woman beautiful and we, as women,  all possess them!