Keeping My Creative Flow!

Written October 14, 2015

Fruit-For-Beautiful-Skin- As a makeup artist for over 25 years I’m often asked what inspires me as an artist to create beauty on the face. When I stop and think about it there are many things that inspire me. It’s so important to keep your creative flow as an artist. From an artist’s perspective the first thing that comes to mind is the face itself. I see each face as a canvas. I am fascinated with skin tone, facial bone structure, eye shapes and colors, and lips! It’s never boring, as each client brings beauty and variety to my work. I am a painter, a painter of faces. I love watching the transformations take place as I work on each individual!


My greatest source of inspiration, when it comes to my artistry, is anything that brings beauty into my world. I am, and have always been, keenly aware of my surroundings. My greatest love is of Mother Nature. Seeing the sun set by the ocean, the vibrant colors that reflect in the sky and on the glistening water, touches my soul. The budding flowers and their array of color popping each spring never ceases to amaze me! I love the beauty that I find when I visit a museum and see the paintings and sculptures of brilliantly talented artists! Experiencing how moved I can become from watching a performing artist on stage at the ballet, theater, or a live concert. Having all of my senses stimulated truly inspires my love for my own craft!


When I think about what inspires me from the perspective of my client’s experience, it’s the reward that I get from making people feel great about themselves! The smiles I see on people’s faces, after they see themselves transformed and in a new light, never gets old for me! I feel as uplifted as my clients! I am so privileged to play a role in some of the most important days of one’s life. Whether it’s a young girl’s prom, a woman’s wedding day, or teaching a teen how to apply makeup for the very first time in her life, these are all very special moments! This is very inspiring to me as a makeup artist! wedding-bride-white-veil-bouquet-254_t2


Another source of inspiration is the creative side of makeup artistry. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating beauty! I love looking through fashion magazines and seeing the face made up in so many beautiful and varied ways! Seeing the face in it’s most natural state in a clean beauty look, or more glamorous for a haute couture layout is equally pleasing to my eye. Seeing so many different artists express themselves using the face as their canvas is fascinating and helps get my own creative juices flowing! Experimenting with new looks and collaborating with the people I work with does this for me as well!


I’ve been in the business for decades and have seen fashion and makeup trends come and go and it’s always fun to see what’s new and exciting! As technology changes so do products. Cameras improve and the products used on the face must improve right along with that technology. Sparkle, glitter, contour techniques, and now “strobing” makes me fall in love with my craft over and over again! Constantly being challenged to stay current is inspirational and motivational to me!cosmetics-166774_640-1


Last, but certainly NOT least, what inspires me most is people. I love uplifting people. It is the favorite and most rewarding part of what I do. I meet so many people everyday and each one of my clients touches me in different ways. Working as a makeup artist in fashion, television and other mediums has allowed me to experience being part of historical events, milestones, and so many “firsts” in people’s lives. It is wonderful to have a career that I get so much inspiration and enjoyment from, as well as giving that back to others! This motivates and inspires me to be the best makeup artist that I can be!sunset-water-clouds-ocean-large034e422e74eec51ab544500c6f24d861

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