What Does It Mean To Be Beautiful From The Inside Out?

Written November 6, 2013

There is an old expression “beauty is skin deep”. What exactly does this mean? I am in the beauty business and I love beautiful things, all beautiful things. I love the beauty of a sunset, I love hearing a beautiful song, I love surrounding myself with beautiful decor. I am a very visual person and I love being surrounded by beauty.  I think as humans we all love and appreciate beauty. Of all the many beautiful things in this great big world there is nothing that is more captivating than a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman can make a man stop in his tracks. A beautiful woman is admired by other women and at times, unfortunately, she can bring out the “green eyed monster” in others. Beauty is a powerful thing. Of course I am speaking about physical beauty. Physical beauty catches our eye, it catches our attention, but we must remember that it is fleeting.speech_beauty_is_skin_deep_by_sakuraangeladdiction-d4t0m8q

So what does this expression “beauty is skin deep” really mean? It means that physical beauty is superficial. It means that once we get past the physical beauty on the surface there needs to be more. Being beautiful from the inside out is so much more substantial and lasting.

The things that I find beautiful in a woman are the things that most women possess. The ability to be nurturers and caregivers, for one. Women are great at multi tasking too, so often balancing many tasks and responsibilities all at once. We are strong as women, and that strength is beautiful! When we take care of all the other facets of who we are…our mental health, our physical health, our spirituality we are much more balanced and that keeps us feeling great! Feeling great from the inside out, truly helps us look and be beautiful! Having a positive outlook on things and taking life’s ups and downs in stride, by learning to be resilient is also part of what keeps us feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out. There are so many things that we can do to maintain this. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, meditation and/or prayer, taking a step back to regroup when our daily responsibilities can feel that they are taking over. Accepting the things we cannot change and understanding that we can’t control everything in our lives and that sometimes we just need to let go. inner-beauty1Aging gracefully is also part of being beautiful from the inside out, accepting that this is just a very natural part of life. That can be very difficult for women at times. Valuing yourself and all that you have to offer, these are all the things that make us beautiful from the inside out. Really feeling that, comprehending that there are so many components that make a woman beautiful and we, as women,  all possess them!

Embracing Your Own Unique Beauty!

Written October 14, 2013

As a beauty expert women turn to me for their beauty advice and makeup tips all the time. I find it astounding that when a woman sits in my makeup chair, bare faced and makeup free, she can feel very vulnerable. Before I even begin a makeup lesson, or a makeup application, my client has already started to pick apart her looks. It never fails! Whether they are a model, or the girl next door, It is always the same response! They start complaining to me about their skin, or their eyes, or their lips, or whatever it is about their face that they don’t find perfect! It is at that point that I tell them to stop. Yes, I tell my clients to stop doing this to themselves.ft_ac43839fc85cab47514d1484166e151b

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and I tell them to tell me what it is that they love about their face! I find this a bit sad and I honestly think it has everything to do with the media. We, as a society, are bombarded with images of beautiful women! Sex sells and there is no shortage of ads on TV, in magazines, and everywhere we look of beautiful, sexy women! These images, which are altered mind you, can really wear on a woman’s self image and confidence. These images can make a woman feel that she doesn’t measure up to the society’s ideals of beauty. It is important to remember that these are just images. There is a lot of work that goes into creating these kinds of images. A professional photographer, a makeup artist, lighting, a stylist, and PLENTY of photoshopping goes into creating this one perfect image! I worked in the fashion industry and I know what goes on behind the scenes!

39496_1331331773408_1534422722_30712663_6841045_nThe one concept that I always try to convey to my clients is to embrace your own natural beauty. Women are beautiful creatures, all of us. There are so many types of beautiful women! We all have imperfections and insecurities, yes, but try to see past that. Try to embrace the things you love about yourself! Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, colors, and races! Whether you are tall or short, petite or large you are beautiful! Dark skin or light skin, you are beautiful! You are beautiful if you embrace YOURSELF! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who accepts herself and has confidence. You can always improve upon your looks. Just embrace what you have to work with and don’t compare yourself with others. Be the best you can be, by accepting yourself and taking that added pressure off. When you do this, truly embrace your own special and unique kind of beauty, that is when you will feel, look, and be beautiful!

Tools Of The Trade!

Written October 2, 2013

makeup-brushes-foundationYou will often hear me refer to makeup brushes as “tools of the trade”! This is so true. Without the right brushes it really is nearly impossible to create a beautiful makeup application. Not only are brushes important, but so are sponges, puffs, and yes your fingers! These tools ensure that you will have a well blended and beautiful application!

The first steps to creating a great makeup application is applying the correctors or concealers, and foundation. If you are using  liquids or creams you can use your fingers or brushes to dab on the product. Once the product is placed on the skin you will need to blend it out with your fingers or a sponge. I like using sponges, as  it is more sanitary, especially when applying makeup to my clients. This also gives the smoothest finish, which looks more natural and flawless!

Once you apply your correctors, concealers, and foundation it is important that you set your base with powder. I prefer using a powder puff, pressing in the powder, and lightly brushing off the excess with a large powder brush. Of course it is perfectly acceptable to just dust powder on top of the base, if you prefer this method. Once your powder is set and your skin is now looking flawless, it is time to add some color!Makeup-brushes

For all types of makeup ( eye shadows, eye liners, blush, and lipstick) the best application is done with brushes. A rule of thumb is to use a brush that is the right size for the area of coverage. For example; if you are applying powder you are covering the entire face, therefore a larger brush is needed. For blush you can use a medium sized brush. I prefer one that is about the size of the apple of your cheek. For eyes I like to use three types of brushes. A larger eye shadow brush to apply my base color, a medium shadow brush for the crease, and a smaller shadow brush for the outer corner. This makes your eye shadow application very precise and looking as if it was done by a pro!

If you are filling in your brows ( which is an important part of makeup application) you can use either a brow powder or brow pencil. To apply powder use an angled brush. If you prefer a pencil remember to use small strokes to create a hairlike effect. Once your brow makeup is applied be sure to use an eyebrow brush to blend it in and create a more natural effect!

The final steps of your makeup application are eyeliner and lipstick. If you are using a gel liner, using a flat stiff brush works best. Small strokes along the lash line gives you a nice defined line. If you are using a cake or liquid liner use a fine tipped brush, almost like a paint brush. This gives a more precise line! For lipstick application I like to line the entire lip first with a lip liner. I then apply the lipstick shade that is close to the liner shade with a small lip brush, filling in the entire lip. This gives the lip depth and fullness. I then brush on a small dab of lipgloss to give some softness to the lip. I do prefer a matte finish for red lips, however.

To put the finishing touches on your makeup application look at yourself in a mirror from a distance. When you step back does everything look smooth and well blended? If so Congratulations! If not, you can then use a dry sponge and soften any hard edges. This will make it look flawless! Once you have everything looking perfect you can dust some powder over the entire face ( except for the eyes) with your large powder brush and your makeup will be set!face-makeup-sponges

Purchasing good brushes is worth the investment! I like using natural hair brushes, however, there are great synthetic brushes that feel just as good and get the job well done! Keeping your brushes clean is important. This keeps them sanitary and extends their life. A mild shampoo is all you need. Rinse them well and let them dry overnight. I clean my brushes after every makeup application, with a sanitizing spray and wash them at the end of each job. For my clients, however, I recommend washing them once a week. You can wash your sponges, as well, but I prefer to throw them out after each application. Of course, if you are using your fingers, always be sure to apply makeup with clean hands!

I hope that I have demonstrated the importance of using the right tools for a beautiful and flawless makeup application! Using the right tools will make your makeup look as though it was applied by a pro!


The Importance of Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day

Written September 19, 2013

marriage_girlIt’s finally here, the day you’ve been waiting for for as long as you can remember…your wedding day! It’s a monumental milestone, a rite of passage. A day that you want to enjoy and a day that you want to look back at with beautiful memories! There is so much that goes into planning a wedding…finding a perfection location, the best caterers, hiring the right photographer, the list goes on! For a bride, there is no day that she wants to look and feel more beautiful than on her wedding day! Some brides spends months finding the perfect dress, shoes, and flowers! So much time and effort goes into planning the perfect wedding day!

As a seasoned makeup artist, with many years of experience working with brides, I can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist on your wedding day! After all your wedding pictures will last a lifetime, many lifetimes for that matter! As your children and their children will be looking at them for years to come! Isn’t that enough incentive to want to look flawless and timeless? A professional makeup artist can help you achieve that!

When hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day it is important to find someone who has years of experience. You want to also find someone who understands your needs and is a good listener. The artist should also be getting as much information from you as possible, so that she/he really understands the wedding look that you want to achieve. A good rapport with this person will help you better be able to collaborate the look that you desire. I ALWAYS highly recommend having a pre wedding consultation and trial run prior to the big day! Give yourself enough time before the wedding day to try a few artists, so that you are sure  you are happy with the person you will be working with! I suggest meeting with artists at least three to six months before, so that you can narrow it down to your choice artist after having a trial run with each one. The sooner you make your choice the less stress you will have as your wedding day approaches!African american natural bridal hairstyles 4

The bridal makeup trial run is a very important component in finding the right artist. It gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss your desired look, as well as trying out their work. Having as much visual information ready for the artist as possible helps give her/him a clear idea of your fashion sense, taste, and style. Photos of your wedding dress, your headpiece, jewelry, shoes, and bridal party dresses are really helpful in this process. This meeting also gives you the opportunity to determine if you will have makeup scheduled for your bridal party, as well as for the mother of the bride and/or mother of the groom.

There are many rules of thumb when it comes to bridal makeup application. I think it is most important to hire a professional for this reason. There are certain no no’s when it comes to makeup and photography. An experienced and talented makeup artist will know how to make you look good for all the different scenarios on your wedding day. You will most probably have photos taken outdoors, as well as indoors. You will probably have black and white photos taken, in addition to color photos. You want to look beautiful in your photos, but you also want to look great in person, not too overly made up for your guests. Striking the right balance is what a professional artist can help you achieve! wedding-pic

There are so many beautiful bridal looks! A professional makeup artist can help you chose the right look for you, for your fashion sense, and your own personal style! Hiring the right person is vital, so take your time, ask a lot of questions and be sure to see photos of their work!  Finding the right artist for you, someone that you feel comfortable with once you meet and do your trial run, will ensure that you will be happy with your wedding day look and your photos! Just remember that once the wedding day sadly comes to an end, your wedding day photos will be your keepsakes forever! Don’t skimp! Hire a professional makeup artist and you will never regret it when you look back at your beautiful wedding day photos!

The Foundation Of Beautiful Makeup

Written September 15, 2013

Let’s talk skin! Yes, great skin is the foundation of beautiful makeup! Even if you haven’t been blessed with good skin there are so many things you can do to improve it! A little care goes a long way!  I tell all my clients, young and old, that it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin. Of course it’s always better if you get a jump start and start thinking about it in your teens, but it truly is never too late! Makeup looks and feels so much better when the skin is in great healthy condition.

There are simple steps to having great skin. Proper cleansing, exfoliating, locking in the moisture, and sun protection. No matter what your age or skin type the array of great products out there is endless!Homemade-Face-Masks-1

My love affair with skin care products began as early as 13 years old! You heard that right! It all began for me rummaging through my mother’s  products in her medicine chest! I remember her complaining one day because the expensive eye cream she bought the week before was already running low. Well, I had to admit to her that I was dipping into her stash, and boy was I heavy handed! She asked me ” why are you using products for wrinkles, when you are just a teen?” My reply? ” I’m trying to prevent the wrinkles from coming.” Little did I know that there was some truth to that and plenty of benefits for me starting up that early! In all honesty you can’t ever prevent wrinkles, but you can surely slow them down and enjoy youthful, vibrant, healthy skin with regular maintenance!

At every age and stage of our lives there are issues that come up with our skin. For teens going through puberty the hormonal surges can cause unsightly breakouts. It’s important to cleanse properly, but keeping in mind not to strip the skin of it’s natural moisture. Gentle foaming cleansers are great for this age. On the opposite end of the spectrum, for those who are going through menopause, hormonal drops also cause changes. Older skin is more delicate, thinner, and dryer. Gentle cream cleansers work well to cleanse, without drying out the skin any further. For women in between these stages it really depends on your skin type and texture and what you are comfortable using to clean your skin. Some women prefer a foaming cleanser, while others prefer a cream based cleanser. That is all up to preference, just be sure not to use anything too harsh, as that will dry out the skin’s natural oils. Clean skin is healthy skin, so no matter what age or skin type, never go to sleep without removing your makeup and cleansing your skin.

Exfoliating the skin is an important, and often neglected part of a good skin care regimen. Taking off that top layer of dead skin cells helps to keep the skin looking and feeling fresh, and glowing. It helps with cell turnover as well. There are many different forms of exfoliators. Powders, creams, etc. I like using the clairsonic to exfoliate the dead skin. Just be sure never to overdo exfoliating. It should be done only 2 to 3 times per week. Too much of a good thing will only end up irritating the skin and making it appear more dry and dull.

woman-applying-skincareMoisturizing is a very important part of keeping your skin in great shape. Keeping the skin hydrated makes fine lines and wrinkles appear softer and slows down the production of new ones. Using a lighter weight formula during the day with an SPF is a great way to keep the skin hydrated and protected from the sun, our skin’s worst enemy. A richer moisturizer is recommended for overnight, when the skin does most of it’s repair work. A combination of a good night’s sleep and a great night cream is your skin’s best medicine! And of course let’s not forget to use a cream for the eye area, something that is specific to that delicate area of the face.

Last, but certainly NOT least, and most importantly in my opinion is sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the damage of the sun is the best anti aging defense! There is no need to use higher than an SPF 30, way too many chemicals. There are many skin care lines that have a moisturizer sunscreen combo, or you can layer the moisturizer first and sunscreen on top. I use sunscreen daily, all year round. Don’t forget the neck and decolletage!

Well, ladies (and gentleman) there you have it! Some basic tips on keeping your skin physically fit! There is nothing more beautiful than a smooth, healthy complexion! I will go more into depth on skin care in future posts, but for now these are the basic principles of keeping your skin looking and feeling beautiful…the best foundation for a beautiful makeup application!


Hello All!

Written September 10, 2013

Expressing myself creatively makes me feel alive! I love working with my hands, creating beautiful things! Some of the things I love to do that give me a sense of joy and fulfillment are writing poetry, decorating interiors, setting a beautiful table when I entertain. I am very visual and I LOVE fashion and beauty!


Makeup artistry is truly my favorite way to express my creativity. Painting faces is so much fun! I love transforming a woman, bringing out the best in her facial features, helping her look and feel her very best! It is a very rewarding experience for me to bring joy to a bride on her wedding day, as I pamper her and make her look and feel special on one of the most important days of her life! I love to teach a young girl how to apply makeup for the very first time, in a manner that makes her look natural and beautiful, as she goes through the rite of passage from a girl to a woman. I love working with a photographer and stylist for a fashion shoot, bringing their vision to life with makeup that helps tell their story. I have worked in so many environments, and with so many different types of people and personalities. Each one allows me to gain different experience, with my craft, and in my journey as I continue to learn and grow as an artist, and as a woman.

I’ve added this section to my website to share some of my insight with you all. I will be sharing my experiences, my beauty tips and expertise, and hopefully will entertain you along the way! I am happy to share my wealth of knowledge of beauty, inside and out. Beauty and makeup tips, overall health and wellness tips, how to look and feel great at every age! I hope that you will enjoy checking out my posts!

"The true beauty of a woman is hidden in her smile" — Ryan Leonard Legend —