Prom Makeup 101

Written April 16, 2014

As Spring approaches prom season is under way! A girl’s High School prom is such an exciting event and in many ways a rite of passage! For many it’s the first time they are dressing up in formal wear, riding in a limousine, and staying out until the wee hours! unnamed

A lot of planning goes into this event! Finding the right dress, shoes, and accessories is so important in pulling your whole prom look together! To complete your look it’s important to have the right hairstyle and makeup!

Prom makeup is best when it is done by a professional makeup artist. You will be taking tons of photos and will want to look great as you look back on those photos for years to come! A makeup artist will make your skin look flawless and help you choose the right makeup style to compliment the dress and hairstyle you have chosen. There are so many makeup styles to choose from today and your artist can help you decide what will look best to complete your perfect prom look!


My best advice, when it comes to prom makeup, is to wear it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. You want to look like yourself, only better. The good news is that when you are young you can experiment with the latest trends, just be sure not to over do it! Scheduling a consultation or a practice run prior to the date of your prom will ensure that you will love the makeup look!

I always feel that keeping the makeup looking fresh and youthful, using neutral tones, but adding a hint of color to accent the eyes or lips looks great! Spring 2014 has a lot of color in the makeup palettes, just be sure to keep it simple, not to overwhelm you. If you want to add color try to keep the focus on one area. You can either play up the eyes and keep the lip neutral or have subtle hint of color, or play up the lips and keep the eyes neutral. Adding a more bold liner and false lashes makes the eyes really stand out! Winged liner is a great look for this season and looks great on a young lady when it is done properly! A hot new look for eyes is to add some glitter to the lids! This is a fun way to add some glamor to your prom makeup look! Skin should look even and dewy with a soft glow of color all over. Many girls like to do a spray tan prior to a special event, just be sure to do it a day or two in advance so that it has time to fade slightly and look more natural.prom-makeup

There are so many great makeup looks today! It’s a good idea to thumb through magazines, or the internet to look at pics of models, or your favorite Hollywood starlets on the red carpet to get inspiration and ideas. All in all just have fun with your makeup and enjoy this special time in your life!

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