Spring Is In The Air!

Written March 21, 2014

spring-makeupAfter a long, dreary winter the end is in sight! The days are getting longer and Spring has finally arrived! As we begin to peel the layers of clothing off and start wearing Spring fashions, we must start thinking about how to coordinate our makeup with our new wardrobe! Spring 2014 has some new and exciting makeup trends! Bold colors are in and really add a punch to our makeup routine! More vibrant lip colors are in right now…pinks, corals, and even orange! For eyes color is also back…blues, violets, greens! As the flowers begin to bloom it seems that this season’s makeup trend is one of full bloom too! How exciting!

For some, adding color can be intimidating. I always tell my clients to exercise caution when trying new makeup trends, as they can overwhelm, especially when using such bold colors! This is the time to try one trend at a time. If you are using the new trendy eyeshadow colors you may want to use them only as an accent…such as a  blue liner or a hint of color shadow on the lid itself. You can choose to have one focal point, such as the bright lips with the rest of the face soft and subtle with just a hint of makeup. You can also try balancing the face with all over color. For example use the corals or pinks and purples… using them on eyes, lips, and cheeks! This gives a really beautiful glowing complexion and looks really fresh and bright…like Spring!

blue-eyeshadow-black-womanFor women of color the vibrant colors look beautiful against darker skin and you can really play around with the intensity! Using bold eye colors in peacock shades ( blues, greens, purples) , combining with either a bright or subtle lip color for different effects! You can try combining colors on eyes, using one color for shadow and another for liner for a really fun effect! Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what looks best for you!


The bottom line is that this Spring is about color, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and find your favorite look! How refreshing to be seeing color after months of hibernating from this long cold Winter!

Happy Spring! makeup-for-spring-of-women

Embracing Your Own Unique Beauty!

Written October 14, 2013

As a beauty expert women turn to me for their beauty advice and makeup tips all the time. I find it astounding that when a woman sits in my makeup chair, bare faced and makeup free, she can feel very vulnerable. Before I even begin a makeup lesson, or a makeup application, my client has already started to pick apart her looks. It never fails! Whether they are a model, or the girl next door, It is always the same response! They start complaining to me about their skin, or their eyes, or their lips, or whatever it is about their face that they don’t find perfect! It is at that point that I tell them to stop. Yes, I tell my clients to stop doing this to themselves.ft_ac43839fc85cab47514d1484166e151b

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and I tell them to tell me what it is that they love about their face! I find this a bit sad and I honestly think it has everything to do with the media. We, as a society, are bombarded with images of beautiful women! Sex sells and there is no shortage of ads on TV, in magazines, and everywhere we look of beautiful, sexy women! These images, which are altered mind you, can really wear on a woman’s self image and confidence. These images can make a woman feel that she doesn’t measure up to the society’s ideals of beauty. It is important to remember that these are just images. There is a lot of work that goes into creating these kinds of images. A professional photographer, a makeup artist, lighting, a stylist, and PLENTY of photoshopping goes into creating this one perfect image! I worked in the fashion industry and I know what goes on behind the scenes!

39496_1331331773408_1534422722_30712663_6841045_nThe one concept that I always try to convey to my clients is to embrace your own natural beauty. Women are beautiful creatures, all of us. There are so many types of beautiful women! We all have imperfections and insecurities, yes, but try to see past that. Try to embrace the things you love about yourself! Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, colors, and races! Whether you are tall or short, petite or large you are beautiful! Dark skin or light skin, you are beautiful! You are beautiful if you embrace YOURSELF! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who accepts herself and has confidence. You can always improve upon your looks. Just embrace what you have to work with and don’t compare yourself with others. Be the best you can be, by accepting yourself and taking that added pressure off. When you do this, truly embrace your own special and unique kind of beauty, that is when you will feel, look, and be beautiful!