Attaining True Beauty

Written March 29, 2015

As a contestant and runner up in the Mrs. DC America 2014 Pageant, as well as a makeup artist/beauty expert, people look to me for tips and advice on beauty. I love helping women of all ages and ethnicities look and feel their very best. A big part of that goes way beyond makeup application!

photo_3   I remind my clients that all women are beautiful. My approach to beauty is holistic. True beauty radiates through a woman’s eyes, her smile, what she has to say, and her actions. It may sound cliche, but true beauty comes from within.

When a woman is self confident there is nothing more beautiful! As women we can tend to be our own worst critic, so how does one gain this confidence especially in our youth/beauty oriented society? I have learned to achieve this by not comparing myself to others, I just try to be the best me. Focusing on your own positive attributes, as a whole person, and taking inventory of your personal achievements, accomplishments puts things in perspective. Looking at your life’s experiences, good and bad, and what lessons you have learned helps you realize just how far you have come and the wisdom you have gained. This definitely builds self confidence!

Self acceptance and learning to love yourself, flaws and all, is the best feeling in the world! This doesn’t mean to let yourself go, on the contrary, it’s important to understand your self worth and take the time to pamper yourself and take pride in your appearance! A good and healthy balance of self care, physical fitness, and a good beauty routine is a great start!  securedownload-1

Makeup is a wonderful way to enhance one’s beauty, but I am not going to focus on makeup today in my writing. Instead I want you to think about yourself as a whole, not just the sum of your parts. Think about all the things that you can do to look and feel more beautiful. Exuding self confidence, balancing your life, taking care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Seeing yourself in a positive light. Doing things to feel more fulfilled, being kind to yourself and others. Letting your own light shine through your eyes, and in your smile is what makes YOU beautiful!