I love being a makeup artist! Plain and simple. I get to meet so many fascinating people! Whether I’m working on a fashion shoot, a television production, or a monumental occasion in a someone’s life, I find it so gratifying! I love collaborating, coming up with creative ideas, new and fresh looks, and making each client look their very best!


Makeup artistry is a beautiful form of expression. Truly an art! Like a painter, I use my brushes and the face is my canvas. As a child I loved to express myself artistically. I drew, painted, and wrote poetry as my creative outlet. When my brother and I were kids we took lessons with an artist who taught us how to sketch and draw and, most importantly, how to understand how light and shadows affect the look of objects. We gave depth to our still life drawings and sketches by observing and recreating what we saw.

Learning these fundamental principles as a child has made me a better artist today. I use techniques similar to that in my makeup artistry as I highlight and contour my client’s faces. My contouring is subtle because I understand placement and this helps me enhance facial features with balance and symmetry! Using color correctors I can create a flawless complexion! With different textures of concealers and foundations I can make my client’s skin appear very soft, smooth, and flawless!

Fashion trends also play a role in beauty. As seasons and fashion trends change, the style of makeup goes right along with it! It is critical, as a makeup artist, to keep up with the latest fashion trends and makeup styles so that you can better serve your clients! I pay close attention to what is coming right off the runway at fashion weeks across the globe each season!

Beauty is art as I transform my clients with my brushes and makeup palettes! Understanding undertones, texture, skin type, and what pigments will compliment hair and eye color are all part of this masterpiece that is “aka” the “makeover”! It’s fun and creative and has been a wonderful part of my life for many years! Let me transform you!