Your Essential Makeup Kit!

Written November 24, 2013

As a professional makeup artist I am obsessed with makeup! Always trying new products is essential for me to stay current in my industry. My work takes me into many environments and I do makeup for many different mediums, from fashion to television to bridal makeup, etc. With technology and cameras always being updated, makeup products need to as well. As fashion is always evolving from season to season and year to year, makeup styles come and go. It is vital for me to keep up with all of these changes and trends as they occur!Your_Name_cosmetics

For the average woman, however, this is not as important. Yes, it is important to update your looks on a somewhat regular basis and not get stuck in a time warp, but it doesn’t need to be as constant as it does for the professional artist! My recommendations, for the everyday woman, is to look through your makeup as the seasons change. Your skin tones will change throughout the year. Your needs will not be the same in the dead of winter as they will during the heat of the summer. For example, as you develop or fake a tan you will need to adjust your foundation and powder tones. You may also like a lighter weight foundation, perhaps even a tinted moisturizer. The opposite occurs as your tan fades and you are at your palest in the middle of the winter months! Your skin will also be drier from the extreme temperatures, so you will need a heavier moisturizer and may want a richer formula from your foundation coverage.

Now that we’ve established this, let’s take a look at what your essentials should be for your own “at home” makeup kit. A great makeup kit at home begins with keeping it organized! Find a designated place in your bathroom or dressing area and keep your things in that space. Be sure there is good lighting, whether near a window for natural light, or invest in a lit magnified mirror! This will make your applications much easier, as it is necessary to do your makeup properly in good lighting! Keep a drawer or makeup organizer on a counter top in that designated area. I like to have a separate caddy for my brushes, and to keep my makeup in small organizing trays within a drawer in my bathroom. This way I can keep my different types of makeup together and this cuts down on time as I apply my makeup! Having easy access to your things makes your application time much quicker! I also find that keeping eyeshadows in one palette kit and creating a lipstick tray ( as I demonstrated on my FB) makes for seeing it easily, which also cuts down on time!

Makeup-Products-3Once you find a space for your products it is a good idea to streamline (unfortunately I don’t always listen to my own advice! haha!), not only to save on space, but to keep your makeup time to a minimum. Here are some basics that you should have in your at home makeup kit! First off, to make your skin look flawless, let’s start off with the products that can create the look of flawless skin! Correctors are important. These cover up blemishes, broken capillaries, and skin discoloration. Concealers are next. These are great for covering dark circles under the eyes. Foundations go on top. These will even out skin tone and vary from the lightest to heaviest coverage. I always recommend having two shades in your kit. One, a shade or two lighter than your own skin tone, and one a shade or two darker than your skin tone that you can blend throughout the year as your tan deepens and fades. I love custom blending foundation! To set your foundation I like to use a loose translucent powder that doesn’t add any pigment to the foundation!

Once your skin is looking flawless it is time to add some color! Blush, eyeshadows and lip color is the way to go. This is where you will want to keep an eye on fashion and season trends. In the Spring and Summer colors tend to be more pastel and vibrant and in the Fall and Winter seasons the colors tend to be more deep and rich. Eyeliners are a must and are available in gel, liquid, and pencil formulations! A great mascara will complete your look!

There you have it…all the essentials for your at home makeup kit!

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